Computer Repairs

Laptop/Notebook Replacement Power Packs

We carry a large number of Generic replacement power packs for laptops, we carry them for Dell’s, HP, Toshiba, Gateway, E-Machine, and Various others. If you bring in your laptop we can usually match up the power pack for them

USB Cable & Hubs

We carry a large selection of USB cables in stock. regular USB A to B , and exstensions. we also various USB devices as hubs , back plates, front USB 3.0 plates.

Adapters Power & Video

We carry a large variety of power adapters in stock. Video adapters,

Networking Supplies

We carry Networking cards, wireless cards, Switches, Ethernet cables various lengths,

Keyboard & Mouse

We carry a variety of keyboards for computer desktops and mouse’s corded and wireless


We carry Desktop 3.5 hard drives And Laptop hard drives & new SSD hard drives. We carry the Mounts and Adapter to mount 2.5” hard drives in desktop systems. We have a nice selection of Patriot burst & WD SSD’s instock. 240gb, 250 GB, 480Gb & 500GB. We carry the 500Gb M.2 sata & M2 MVME WD instock also

Computer Desktop Motherboards

We carry motherboard from Asrock & Gigabyte, For the AMD AM4 Platform and we can get for the Intel platform. Giga Byte AM4 B450M DS3H & B550M ds3h

Desktop Power Supplies

We carry a variety of desktop power supplies from EVGA & Rosewill.

AMD Ryzen CPU’s

Ryzen 5 5600G Processor when available

Desktop Memory

Patriot DDR4-3000 & 3200 8GB kit (2x4) & 16GB Kits (2 X 8) T-Force Team DDR4-3200 16 GB Kits (2x8) both Vulcan Z & Dark Z T-Force Team DDR4-3600 16 GB Kits (2x8)
Southeastern Computer Center
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