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Southeastern Computer Center ( Retail Store ).

Our company has been providing the Pensacola area with computer services for over 36 years. The business was started back in 1975 by a military veteran at shop at his home. We specialized in the Texas Instruments TI99 4A computers and supplied computer accessories for then. The business grew well and we started and added on the IBM Clone systems. We added a few years later printers to our line, the Star Micronics line and became a repair center for them. we started stocking a lot of supplies for the printers as printer ribbons and toner modules. We added on computer networking to our services with a Novell networking Person. a few years latter we added a AutoCad Tecnician and Rep. We were at the old location until Nov. 1993. We moved to the new location in Nov. 1993 and opened on black Friday. We offered a large selection of computer supplies and new computers. we expanded quickly with the retail store and continued to expand. we joined together with a new Internet company with dial-up Internet. (Granite Information Systems) two years later we merged and moved the two together. our staff now had 4 military veterans. In 2007 after Hurricane Ivan, The building was replaced with a new building, our present one. we still expanded on the computer services. When broadband Internet came to Pensacola we started moving our dial-up customers to Cox Communications. but kept the e-mail services. we expanded out networking and Repair services. October 2019 The shop was moved back to the origional location. We may have down sized but we can still provide you with the same service as before. Southeastern is a Disabled Military Veterans Business. We offer special discounts to Military Personel and Veterans.
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Southeastern Computer Center
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